Domadora – premiera nowego albumu paryskiego zespołu już jutro

DOMADORA to pochodzący z Paryża zespół uprawiający psychodeliczną odmianę rocka. Dokładnie jutro, 29.06.2018 r. ukaże się ich trzeci album, zatytułowany „Lacuna”. Wydawcą płyty będzie firma More Fuzz. Okładkę krążka wykonał Antoine d’Agata

Na albumie znajdą się tylko cztery utwory: 1. Lacuna Jam, 2. Gengis Khan, 3. Vacuum Density, 4. Tierra Last Homage

Muzykę zespołu wydawca określa jako mieszankę rocka późnych lat 60 i 70. z elementami punka, a nawet heavy rocka.  Nie zabraknie też wpływów takich zespołów jak Pink Floyd, Fatso Jetson, Led Zeppelin, a także… Beethovena.

Skład zespołu :  Angel Hidalgo Paterna – klawisze, Karim Bouazza – perkusja, Gui Omm – bas, Belwil – gitara

The third album by DOMADORA „Lacuna” will be released tomorrow
English version below (czytaj więcej)

Paris-based psych rock maestros DOMADORA are sharing their third and new full-length „Lacuna” in exclusivity via More Fuzz today, ahead of its official release this Friday 29th.

More Fuzz weighs in on „Lacuna”: ” Although containing a few more introspective moments than the previous release “The Violent Mystical Sukuma”, in Domadora’s new album “Lacuna” we still can experience the guys exhaling through each musical pore a hallucinogenic communion with the most entropic sonic forces joining evocations of ancestry to “modern shamanism” with a roaring guitar screaming fiercely an overwhelming magnetic chain in doping and mesmerizing jams.”


  1. Lacuna Jam
  2. Gengis Khan
  3. Vacuum Density
  4. Tierra Last Homage

Artwork by Antoine d’Agata

The influences of Domadora are more in musical trends : free, uninhibited and daring to make music. Of course, you’re gonna easily think rock of the late 60’s and top 70 – but also to proto punk, the freedom of the area, or the heavy rock jam born in the desert. You can also find an influence in some classic pieces including the way to live a journey through successive wave intensities – from Pink Floyd to Fatso Jetson passing Led Zeppelin and Beethoven.

„Lacuna” is different from DOMADORA’s two previous albums and recorded far from the auditoriums of „Tibetan Monk” (2013) and „The Violent Mystical Sukuma” (2016). Domadora is convinced that context directly influences the intuitions and colours of improvised music. That’s the reason why the band has made the choice to record this album on an isolated farm in western France. Therefore, a very strong human experience and geographical isolation are on the list of ingredients of this album. „Lacuna” was recorded and mixed by Brice Chandler, and mastered by Kent Stump (Wo Fat) in Crystal Clear Sound Wo Fat studios in Dallas, Texas.

Organ – Angel Hidalgo Paterna
Drums – Karim Bouazza
Bass – Gui Omm
Guitars – Belwil

Author: Artmundus