Tilian – czwarty solowy album od piątku w sprzedaży

W piątek do sklepów trafi nowy, czwarty solowy album Tiliana Pearsona, zatytułowany “Factory Reset”. Wydawcą płyty będzie firma Rise Records.

Na albumie znajdzie się jedenaście utworów:
01. Holy Water
02. Dose
03. Caught In The Carousel
04. Anthem
05. Breathe
06. All I Crave Is Peace
07. Is Anarchy A Good Hobby?
08. Factory Reset
09. Imagination
10. Act Out
11. Hands Around My Throat

Muzyka Tiliana oscyluje między prog/ art rockiem a psychodelicznym popem. Płyta powstała w okresie pandemii, wszystkie instrumenty nagrał Tilian, jedynie partie perkusji zarejestrował Kris Crummett.

Teaser albumu dostępny jest pod tym LINKIEM.

Na co dzień Tilian Pearson jest wokalistą amerykańskiej kapeli Dance Gavin Dance, uprawiającej specyficzną mieszankę post hardcore’a i prog rocka.

Tilian officially announces his upcoming full-length album, “Factory Reset”, due for release on April 23, 2021 via Rise Records!

“Factory Reset” is both highly personal and wholly universal. Tilian began writing the album just a few weeks after the pandemic forced California into lockdown. “I was searching for meaning in isolation and found it in creating this album”, Tilian shares about the process. He decided to write, record, and produce the album himself, eventually remotely bringing in drummer/frequent collaborator Kris Crummett to help button it up.

Having full creative control allowed Tilian to experiment more than ever, and truly be himself in the process. “[I wanted] to make the album that I want to hear. ‘What would be my favorite band?’ as opposed to, ‘What is everyone’s favorite band?'” This resulted in his most thrillingly eclectic work to date: a falsetto-laced brand of alt-pop that spans everything from trippy psychedelia and heavy prog riffs to warped hip-hop beats and dembow grooves.

Recently, Tilian released three singles from the album – “Anthem” ,”Dose” and “Is Anarchy a Good Hobby?”. These were first offerings since the release of his 2018 album The Skeptic, which debuted on the Billboard charts at #1 Alternative New Artist, #2 Top New Artists, and #5 Alternative. To date, the project has garnered over 40M global streams and two music videos with over 1M views each, proving the excitement and potential for the burgeoning alt-pop artist. More recently, he collaborated with Marigolds+Monsters and Travis Barker on the exciting single “Falling out of Rhythm”.

Teaser is available HERE.

Author: Artmundus